I love March


I know it’s already April and I am probably a day late on giving my tributes to March but I will do it anyway since it’s my blog and I believe in “better late than never”.

Right from my childhood days, I have loved the month of March for various reasons given below:

March officially marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t love Spring. It’s a nice welcome to sunshine after rigid cold and dry winter.

March is also one of the most beautiful months because of the blooming season. Be it wildflowers, cherry blossoms or any other spring flowers. March is when we can see colors. Trees are back to green and flowers start to bloom.

Although March has 31 days, it is still believed to be the fastest month. There is an old saying that “March will march” meaning the month literally marches away before you realize it. Back during school, march was the period for annual exams before the big summer break. So time does go by quickly in March.

March also marks the end of first quarter. It makes us realize that we are no longer in the New Year. This is a good time to revisit your goals for the year, make amends and check whether you are heading in the right direction. Lot of companies provide their forecasting, hire more people, add new ventures based on first quarter earnings.

March is also when most companies pay out their annual bonus, salary hikes and announce promotions. This the time when the yearend evaluations are complete and it’s time to reap benefits.

This and many more reasons make March one of the favorite months for me.

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