Fear is our greatest enemy

fearWhat exactly is fear? Something that doesn’t let us accept failure, something that prohibits us from taking steps forward in a new direction, something that doesn’t let us grow. The reason behind almost all of our problems is fear of some sort.

Fear of hurting someone makes us do things that we don’t like doing and in the end we wound up hurting them anyway. Fear of letting someone down, forces us to take undue stress that at some point of our life impacts our health and well being, fear of losing our job or not able to find a good job makes us stick to the job that we are currently doing no matter how crappy that is.

Long time ago, I went to six flags with my colleagues on a weekend. We got discounted tickets since we booked ahead, however one of my colleague decided to join last minute and as a result had to buy the ticket at full price at the gate. Turns out he is afraid of heights and scary rides in general. I am one of those who like rides no matter how fast or scarier it looks. I and few others who liked to try out all the scary rides went in a group while the rest of the crowd decided to check out the smaller rides. This colleague who got his ticket at full price decided to tag along with us just so that he gets a value for the money he spent on the ticket.

At the end of the day, although reluctant he came with us for all the rides and had a nice time. He no longer had the fear of heights or rides in general. The point is – fear is just in your mind. All you need to do is make your mind believe that there is no fear, and you can go ahead and conquer the world.

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