Goodbyes are hard to tell

goodbyeI have moved quite a lot in my life and one thing that I learnt along the way is that nothing lasts forever. I have met some great people on my life’s journey, had some very nice experiences with them, shared great moments but after I leave we lose touch. I am still connected to them through social media but we are not buddies anymore. Things have changed and eventually everyone gets sucked up in their own life.

Today is my last day in SoCal and if you have been reading my blog, you might have figured by now how much I love this place. When I first landed in LAX 5 years ago, I was nervous. I did not know anyone here and honestly I did not like the place. But as I got to know the place and the people around, I started liking it.

This place has helped me become independent; this place has taught me to take risk and to believe in myself. This is where I learnt to drive and got my first car, this is also where I got to see David Beckham (I am his huge fan 😉 ). I have lived with roommates, lived as house guest and lived by myself too. I learnt to cook and bake here. I also learnt to swim here.

I have made some very good friends, learnt tons of stuff and I am taking with me all the wonderful experiences and memories to cherish.

Goodbye SoCal.

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