What makes women love jewelry so much?

jewelryI might be one of those few rare women who do not like jewelry. My mom got my ears pierced when I was 5 I guess but I don’t wear earrings. I wear it occasionally though so that the ear-hole remains open. I don’t wear any other piece of jewelry except for a promise ring and bracelet. I do wear watch though everyday and every time I go out.

While every other woman would love the idea of jewelry shopping, I get bored of it. My mom gets me different varieties of necklaces and earrings with hopes that I may like it someday. It’s not that I do not like jewelry at all. I like to wear them during special occasions and if it is not too large and shiny.

Lot of my friends have huge collections of jewelry and actually take pride in owning them. Gold especially is considered as a good investment. Back in the 90’s or even in the 2000’s, people in the Asian community hoarded on jewels as a good source of investment. One of my friends always mocks at that by saying that investing on a woman’s jewelry is like throwing money in the sea. Once you give women a piece of ornament, you can forget about it for the rest of your life. She will never return it.

So what makes them like it so much? Perhaps because it makes them feel more beautiful or at least gives them that perception of beauty. For some it is a status symbol while for the others it may be a style statement. Either way, jewelry is not just something that women in today’s world would consider wearing for special occasion but is something that has become part of their everyday life.

Well good news is, if you are a guy and wants to gift something to a woman, then jewelry is a safe option because all women, even if they aren’t into jewelry, will like getting it as a gift for sure.

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