Exploring unknown territory

Exploring unknown territoryDo you know what it is to walk inside a tunnel? All you can see is darkness and you have no idea what lies on the other side? Most of the time, lot of things that we do in our life involves exploring the unknown territory, getting out of our comfort zone and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. How hard is it after all?

I asked friends around about anything they can think of that they did which involved getting out of their comfort zone and I was surprised by the answers. Here are few of them:

1. Getting into a Ferris wheel

2. Climbing a tree to save a cat and end up spraining the ankle.

3. Trying sushi

4. Facilitating an award ceremony

5. Giving a toast at brother’s wedding

6. Starting a new business

7. Accepting a new job/moving to a new city

Comfort zones are cozy places that all of us like. But it starts to become a problem when we become too comfortable with it that we feel reluctant to leave even if that means giving away a wonderful opportunity. We are basically stuck and unable to move forward.

Most of us do not recognize that until things have gone too far ahead, that is when we press the panic button. Another important aspect about comfort zone is that it is not constant. Just like everything else, the factors in this zone changes too. And after sometime, it is not comforting any more.

I have known many people finding it hard to leave their zone and move to unknown territory because they are well settled in the current place. They have bought a house, the kids go school there, it’s closer to family, and they have a good community around and various other reasons. And even if the person gets a good opportunity outside of this zone, he hesitates to make the move.

Is it really worth not leaving the comfort zone? What is it like to explore a new territory? Change of any kind is good and the few people, who understand that, accept change and explore the unknown territory which they eventually convert into a comfort zone.

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