There are enough problems in life to make money out of it

make moneyIn Software Industry, there is one problem that people face all the time – unrealistic deadline, not able to finish the project on time. Right from the inception, people have been working on solving this problem. It’s not that tricky actually but then let me not get into the technicalities here.

Anyway, when there is problem, there is solution too and these are engineers we are talking about, so obviously they won’t stop with one solution. There are multiple solutions one of which is adopting Scrum methodology. I won’t go into the details of scrum since this is not a technical blog. You can read about it here.

So about a decade ago and even now, lot of software companies started to adopt scrum, only problem – they don’t know how to do it correctly. So they hire someone who is known as a Scrum Coach or a Scrum Consultant – basically a person who helps set up scrum for the organization.

Few years ago, a friend had started this consultancy. At that time, lot of people including me thought that this was a bad decision. Those who are familiar with software industry know it very well that nothing lasts forever. And with technology it grows exponentially. By the time you learn and adopt something, it is already obsolete. You really need to be ahead in the game to match up the expectations.

Anyway, coming back to this person – it has been a few years and contradictory to my belief this person’s business is doing really well. In fact he has expanded it to many countries now. This is a typical example of how you can make money out of others problems.

It is not as bad as it sounds, if it makes you feel any better – he is just trying to make things better and nothing comes for free obviously. Here is another example. On my way back to work after lunch, I walked past a shop called American Weight Loss Center. This is another typical example of making money out of others problem. Regardless of whether it works or not, I am sure there are many people willing to pay and try the program.

I don’t intend to demean these organizations; in fact these are available to serve people. If you look around, almost everything out there exists because someone needs it. Let’s take for example psychologist. Many years ago during our grandparents or great grandparent’s time, people were not familiar with psychologist. Nobody would feel the need to see them. People were happy, did not have issues or at least knew how to deal with the issues on their own. But now things have got so bad that there are different categories of psychologist – for family, singles, couples, financial stress, mental stress, medical stress and so on.

A lot of it depends on people too. Many of these issues existed earlier and were not considered as problems before but with time, people have sort of labeled it as problems. Good thing is as long as there is problem people will keep inventing stuff to avoid it, sad part is – all these add up to the never ending list of problems that we already have.

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