World in someone else’s perspective

perspectiveI read two real life stories about baby adoption today. One where a gay couple found an abandoned infant on the subway station and later on ended up adopting the baby when the judge sporadically offered them the option to adopt the kid they saved. And another story where a couple who were looking to adopt a child was scammed by a lady claiming to be pregnant and planning to give her child for adoption.

There is interesting perspective to both stories. One couple who were leading their usual life not thinking about marriage or adoption, suddenly find a baby left in the subway one day and life changes for them after that. Another couple who have been trying to adopt for months with no luck and eventually run into someone who seemed promising at first but eventually ended up scamming them.

For one it was blessing in disguise while for the other it was just misery. Someone who did not want received it while someone who did want it badly did not get. Sounds familiar? Isn’t that the story of all our lives. When we fail at something or don’t get what we deserve and someone else gets it instead we immediately feel that it was wrong.

For someone who was in misery already and things got worse, they immediately feel that it’s the end of the world. But the important point is we don’t realize that it is just life’s way of making us strong. The other person who got it easily (from your perspective) may be struggling to get something else. You never know what the other person is going through and how much he is struggling to get what he really wants.

The point is we always look things from one perspective. A perspective that makes us wants to believe that we are always in misery while the others are not. We blame others for getting things that they don’t deserve but do we really know what someone deserves or not? Probably not – No one knows who deserves what in life.

The best thing to do is accept what you have in life – and by accepting I don’t mean to give up. Embrace the failures, learn from it and strive for getting back in a much bigger better way.

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