Dinner for One?

Dinner for OneLiving alone can be fun but it also comes with a lot of challenges. I like the part where one gets their “me” time, freedom, peacefulness and liberty to do things whenever they want without having to worry about disturbing others schedules or running into people. It is easy to meditate, concentrate, focus and even have fun.

But one of the hardest things I found living alone is cooking just for me. Cooking for a single person can be a challenge. Most people give up and tend to pick up something on their way back home. The idea of making a healthy meal and enjoying it can be a little bit more complex than you imagine.

Eating alone is never a problem for me. I enjoy those, mostly watching reruns of my favorite TV shows or some movie. Cooking is the difficult part. Let’s start from the basics. Grocery shopping for a single person can be nightmare if it involves shopping for a person like me who has a small appetite. I started out by buying veggies or meat, cooking during weekends and use it for the next two three days. Eventually I got bored.

Then I started making two dishes – use one for lunch other for dinner but that way the food lasted for four days. By the time I am on the third day I am already bored of eating the same food.

Eventually cooking became a painful process. Ideally I would like to eat fresh cooked dinner every day and probably use the leftovers for lunch next day. However if I start cooking every evening – I felt like most of my evening is spent cooking and by the time dinner is ready, I have no time to do any other stuff.

There is no one thing that can solve this problem but one of the important things to consider is to always stock up on healthy stuff. Living alone people get tempted to grab something that is left over rather than preparing a full meal. In those times, you do not want yourself to go for that frozen nuggets or cheese sticks rather make yourself a quick egg sandwich or fruit medley or even cereal (non-sugary).

The idea here is to load up on as much healthy stuff as possible. And stuff that you like. If you don’t like it then it will most likely stay in your refrigerator and rot. Here are some things I always have in my pantry. This may or may not be healthy but I would think this is better than grabbing a Hamburger on my way back from work.

1. Whole Wheat Bread

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter

3. Fruits

4. Cake – I like to be the person who always has cake at home, so I try to make healthy cakes – most of my cakes have fruit (blueberry, blackberry), oatmeal, milk, egg and some chocolate. Sample recipe here.

5. Egg

6. Cheese

7. Milk

8. Cereal

9. Lentils

10. Millet

11. Frozen Veggies (Although I try to use fresh vegetable when I cook, I use frozen for emergency purposes).

12. Tea

I usually try to look for recipes that involve baking so that I can do other stuff while my food is cooking. Either way, chose an approach that works best for you, in the end keep in mind to stay healthy.

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