Some people never learn it

never learnIt is that time of the year when your last year’s reviews are out. People are busy attending appraisal discussions, comparing bonuses, salary hikes, each other’s reviews etc. Year after year I see people frantically discussing about reviews and about who deserved to get the better review/hike/bonus/promotion etc.

And almost every year there are some things that are common. There is always this one person(s) who will be dissatisfied at his own rating/review even if he got more than what he deserved. He will envy almost the whole world for getting better than him and then spend several hours discussing who got what and if they deserved it. Funny thing is after his conversation is over with one person; he goes to the next one with the same set of complains/issues and now bitches about the first person too.

Everyone has different ambitions with their career. Some want promotion, some want good bonuses, some more hike and some only care about good reviews. There are some people who are never satisfied with what they get. These are the type of people who do not know what they want in life. When they get promotion, they complain about lesser hike, when they get good bonus they complain about not getting promotion and when they get both they complain about others who managed to get it too.

There are two things that people never learn. One – to set their career goals. You either need money or designation. Get that clear. Once you have that – go after achieving it. I have known a friend who hasn’t got a promotion for the last 5 years but gets a good raise almost every year. He is satisfied because ultimately it is money that matters. For other designation matters and that is completely okay. But first be very sure what you really want and do not waste time going after something that you do not want.

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