Friend or foe

Friend or foeOkay this one is based on something that happened today. Who is a better friend – one who doesn’t help you or one who helps but later tells to the whole world that he helped and you weren’t able to do it on your own? I am guessing most of you would go for the first one especially if it involves being in a work environment.

We all have heard that friend is someone who helps you in need but if that friend is doing it only to put you down or to show him/her as higher than others then they are definitely not your friend. They are opportunists. They are the kind of people who wait for opportunities to prove them better and higher than others and at the same time to prove you wrong or to degrade you.

That was pretty clear. But let’s talk about the first kind for a bit. This person doesn’t help you – There could be many reasons for it, some of the reasons that I can think about are:

1. They genuinely don’t know how to help.

2. They are busy.

3. They want you to help yourself.

4. They don’t really care.

Of the four, the last one clearly defines that they are a foe but the rest pretty much involves being your friend at some level. Sometimes people refuse to help or do things that are not so pleasant for you for various reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like you or hope for the worst for you. Sometimes people are busy with their own problems that they could care less about others. That doesn’t mean all who helps you in need is a good person. He could be a foe in disguise.

Lookout for your friends, keep them closer. All that glitters is not gold.

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