PerceptionsI heard this story last week from a friend. A teacher was teaching students how to count. She asked a student if I give you one apple and another apple and another one, how many apples do you have?

The boy replied – four. The teacher thought he did not hear her right. She asked him again only this time a little slowly to emphasize on the number of apples she gave him. The body again replied four.

The teacher then changed the question a little bit – instead of apples she now used strawberry as she knew that the little boy loves strawberries. If I give you one strawberry and another strawberry and another one, how many strawberries do you have now?

The body now correctly replied as three. The teacher was thrilled. She then asked him the question again replacing strawberry with apple and the boy again replied four. The teacher got angry and asked the boy why he answered it correctly for strawberries and why does he say four when she uses apples. The boy humbly replies that he already has one apple with him, that plus the three other apples she gave makes it four.

When someone gives you an answer that is different from what you expect, don’t think they are wrong. There may be an angle that you have not understood at all. You will have to listen and understand, but never listen with a predetermined notion.

We probably come across similar situations lot of times in our life. Most of the times we fail to realize why some people do things differently. Sometimes it may feel stupid unless you really know their back-story. Don’t judge people by your own metrics.

Sometimes the path that you don’t like is probably the best one for you. We often wonder why situations make us pick a path that we don’t like or are not very much inclined towards. We may even feel sad about it. But few years down the lane, we realize that it was a good decision to follow that path. What may seem unattractive to you now may probably seem better after sometime.

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