10 things you may be doing wrong everyday

doing wrongThere are some things that you do everyday – things that are important for your everyday activity and some of which you cannot live without doing. These are those mundane daily tasks which we have been doing for years since we were born but still some of us do it the wrong way. There is no such thing as the right way to do it but if you do it wrong for a long period of time, then it may harm you.

Here is a list of all those things that you are likely to do wrong:

1. Brushing your teeth: This is the first item on my list because this is the first thing most of us do every morning. Brushing is of no use unless you don’t brush your teeth right. Some people do it very quickly, some take time, some press their brush hard, some barely touch, some use forward backward movement, some up and down, some don’t bother to brush on the inner sides. There are many more examples but you are getting the point right.

2. Sitting posture: For those who have an office job which involves sitting in the desk for long hours, often suffer wrong posture disorder. We all have our styles and we try to be right but over the period of time – we change our posture to more suit our needs which often leads to discomfort.

3. Dressing: Believe it or not – lot of people get this wrong. I was listening to a radio show the other day on my way to work where the radio host was talking about some survey on the worst dressed cities in the US. To my surprise Los Angles topped the list; New York was second, Boston third. One of the reasons he said was because he finds lot of adults dressed like teenagers, lot of professionals wearing casual to work, lot of people wearing fancy colored clothing and so on.

4. Speeding/Red light violation: I think almost everyone who drives daily can relate to this one. How many times have you tried to squeeze in your car while the light turns from yellow to red? How many times do you go beyond speed limit?

5. Eating wrong: It is very easy to eat the wrong food while you are at work. People often bring food, sweet treats; taking multiple number of coffee breaks, office gatherings are some of the ways we can eat wrong. Sometimes I feel like people will eat no matter what to give them.

6. Not sleeping right: Even though all of us know that sleep is one of the most important activities of our daily life – we still take for granted. We sleep at the wrong time, in a wrong posture; sometimes we sleep when our stomach is full, read in the bed and do other activities that hinder our sleep.

7. Breathing: This is something that we do every moment to keep us alive but it is also something that most people get wrong. Lot of people sleep with mouth open and breathe through mouth instead of nose.

8. Shower: Most people shower for long time and rub their skin vigorously in an attempt to clean their body. Frequent showers and scrubbing can remove skin’s oils and lipids and make it dry. Shower every day in lukewarm water for 10 minutes or less. Skip the vigorous towel-dry routine, which can also dry your skin. Apply moisturizing cream.

9. Products that you use: Most people don’t pay attention on the products that they use directly on their body. Beginning from toothpaste, body lotion, sunscreen, makeup – these are some of the items that you directly apply to your skin and which also has a higher rate of contamination.

10. Using your toilet: Lot of people suffer from discomfort due to lower or higher toilet seat. Studies show that natural squatting position is the best position and avoids straining on your muscles.

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