Taking things for granted

handWe don’t realize the importance of something unless we lose it. Same is the case with our body parts. A friend of mine is suffering from tendinitis. I didn’t even know what that meant until yesterday. It is basically an inflammation on the joint muscle between the shoulder and the arm.

It got so worse that she was unable to lift her arm yesterday. It was then that she realizes how important her arm is. Suddenly she cannot comb, she cannot shower or even change clothes on her own. Luckily it’s her left hand so she can still eat, brush and do some work on her own.  Typing with one hand was kind of funky too. Worst part was not being able to pick up her 2yr old kid who for some reason understood her pain and did not throw any tantrum.

How many times has that happened to us? Forget the whole hand – sometimes even a cut in one of our fingers can impact a lot in our normal work. Every part of our body is created for a reason and each of it has its own role to play and one cannot exist without the other.

Perhaps this gives us a very important lesson. That pain and suffering are as much part of our life as joy and happiness are. You cannot say no to one and embrace the other. Doing so will cause imbalance in how things work.

Not just about body parts, what about people? There are many people around us whom we take for granted and we do not realize their importance until they are away from us. Do not wait for that to happen. Appreciate what you have – even if you don’t like it.

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