Some days you should just do nothing

do nothingI know you would have heard like a million times from many different people to make use of your time well, to balance out your day, not to waste time, bla bla. But sometimes – all of that doesn’t matter. Sometime it is necessary to take a break. And when I say taking a break – I really mean taking a break from everything.

I remember there were days when I had lots of work and studying to do during weekdays and I would wait for weekend to come only to end up doing cleaning, laundry, grocery, cooking etc. The weekend was over in the blink of an eye. Sometimes weekends can become more stressful than weekdays.

I have few colleagues who tell me that they like to be at work because they are at peace there compared to at home where there are a bunch of kids waiting to eat up their head. Going to work was less stressful for them.

Many people go out for vacation to take a break. Taking vacation is good but it can get out of control if you don’t plan it well or even when you over plan it. For example – cancelled flight, missed connection, lost baggage, flat tire, incorrect reservation – these are some of the ways your vacation can become stressful.

Sometimes you do not need anything to take a break. All you need to do is stock up on some food for the weekend and have your couch or bed. Just lay there for as long as you want – watch how much ever movie you want, sleep as per your schedule, eat as per your schedule and just relax. Do not think of anything else. No phone calls, not checking emails, no cleaning, cooking or anything.

I call this – flushing out. Sometimes I am very busy either at work or preparing for some exams or anything else. And when I am done with all that, I get the break that I badly wanted. And all I do during that break is flush out. Relax, eat, and sleep. I do this for 2 days and the third day I am back to work fresh and rejuvenated ready to take up new challenges.

What are some of your ways to relax?

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