Is it important to call?

phonecallI have always been on the bad side when it comes to calling. People often complain that I never call them and they are right. I hate calling people. I hate making phone calls or even answering them. Why? I have no idea.

I feel I can express myself better in writing than speaking. I might rather do the job in an email than making a phone call. This often puts me in a bad spot. People think I am rude or snobbish for not taking the time to make a simple phone call.

Well if I was rude or snobbish – I would not call some people but definitely call others. But in my case – I don’t call anyone, not even my parents. I occasionally call them. That’s just a weird side of me that many people find not normal.

Which makes me think – why is it so important for people to get a call? I mean it’s just a phone call. Twenty years ago people barely had home phones. It was luxury to have them. I remember when I was like 5 or 6 we did not have a home phone. One of our neighbors did and we would give their number as emergency number to our relatives. Our neighbor was courteous enough to pass the message or call us when we get a call.

I also remember the day we got phone at our place. We would all get so excited each time the phone rings. Then came mobile phones. Again 13years ago cell phones were luxury. I was lucky to get one when I went to college so that my parents could be connected to me.

Anyway – the point is we were all doing fine even twenty years ago. Messages were sent to people on time. Communication was done. What has improved over the years is the speed and ease of communication. You do not have to write messages in a letter anymore and you can deliver them immediately.

I know people use phones today for almost everything today but for me cell phone is still a medium for people to find me. Like if they need me or want to get in touch with me – then they can call me. Calling people should not become an obligation. Call them when it really matters.

But again I guess it’s relative. Everyone has the right to use the phone anyway they want. I would say the point here is – use your phone the way you think is right but do not judge others just because they don’t use it the way you want them to.

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