I am sick of food

sickWhen I was a kid, I wished how nice it would be if we could live without having to eat. I wish there was a pill which we could take to get energy. I still wish the same.

I am one of those rare people who do not fancy food. Food to me is just something that we need to have to be alive. Lot of folks at work mock me for this. Some find it hard to imagine that someone can have such opinion about food. I like food – I just get bored of eating food.

It’s probably because I have been living alone for a long time in my life and I have eaten all kinds of food – which includes some very bad ones and some good ones too. I try to eat home cooked food over the weekday and eat out during the weekends but still sometimes it gets monotonous.

Those who stay alone might agree with me on this one. Cooking for one person is boring. It’s hard to decide what to cook and how much to cook and over the time it gets tedious. I personally like cooking – but only when I have others at home. I do not like to cook for myself.

Every week I try to do something different – either add veggies or protein, grains or legumes or fruit to my diet but eventually I get bored. I wish there was a schedule that I can follow. I wish we could live without food.

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