What’s in your food?

foodHow many of you know where the ingredients of your food come from? I bet no one will answer a yes to that question unless they grow their own veggies or own a farm. Even then not everyone will grow grains, veggies, farm milk, egg, fish, and meat all together. You still need to go to the store to get something.

We often trust our grocery stores to tell us the truth. We like to assume that not everything is polluted.

A friend was telling me today about Blue fin tuna. There is a restaurant here in LA which sells sushi made  from blue fin tuna for $100. I always wonder how do people eating it ever know whether it’s a blue fin tuna or a regular canned tuna. I am sure blue fin tuna will have a better texture and other properties but the point is – it is very easy to be fooled.

I was reading this new article today about horse-meat being found in burgers sold in some stores in British and Ireland. People were unaware of it and it is causing huge protests now. Personally to me, it doesn’t matter – it’s all dead meat. If I do not have a problem eating beef, I wouldn’t mind eating pig or horse either. To me the more important issue is to know what is in my food.

Several years ago – McDonald’s in India were targeted for making fries using cow fat. Since majority of Indian’s are Hindus who don’t eat cow meat for religious reasons, they protested against it. McDonald’s responded by changing their recipe in the Indian stores.

Very little people know that lot of animal fat is used for making ice-creams. And most of the strawberry flavoring or anything with red color comes through bug extracts.

The list goes on. As long as no one knows what’s in their food they are happy. The moment they come to know – they cause trouble. Having access to such information is important. So that people for whom it matters – can pay attention to it. Although having information doesn’t necessarily mean it is correct. Organic food may not always be right.

Having traceability for food is important. How people use or misuse it is up to them.

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