Are you making the right decision?

decisionI was reminded of an old friend from college today. She was my roommate about 10yrs ago. We were around 18-19 years old then. She was quiet mature, intelligent and composed for that age unlike other girls and roommates that I met while in college. She had a passion for whatever she was studying and got good grades too.

Few months later when I got back from the summer break, I came to know that she will be discontinuing her course soon. Her father had fixed her marriage with some wealthy politician’s son. She came from a rich and old schooled family. At that time she could not think of standing up against her father’s wish.

I asked her if she would ever join back to finish her studies? Her answer was – probably no. I could see the sadness in her eyes, although she pretended to be happy and contended with the decision her parents made for her.

I am not in touch with her now but a few of my friends are. From what I know she is a stay at home mom for two kids now and still did not get a chance to finish her course.

I feel sad when I see such great talent being wasted. We are always taught to take care of our children, to provide the best we can for them. Did her parents feel the same? Does getting your daughter married to a wealthy person at the cost of her education – secures her future?

Probably not. What if her husband loses his fortune and becomes disabled for some reason. Will she be able to support her family then? If she had finished her studies and become self sufficient before getting married – then probably yes.

Do not make decision for others – even for your children. Provide a better future for your loved ones.

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