Is it possible to be happy on a Monday?

mondayIt’s the first Monday of 2013 and also marks the end of the holiday season. For some who were on long vacation for the holidays this might also be your first day of work after the long winter break. That being said I am sure you are either happy to get back to your normal routine or extremely sad.

Monday’s are challenging for everyone, regardless of whether it’s the Monday after a long vacation or the Monday after a regular weekend. Back when I was in school, I used to hate Mondays but that perception changed as I grew older.

I randomly asked people about what is it that that they like about Mondays and this is what I got from them –

1. For some Mondays are when they get to meet friends and colleagues with whom they don’t get to hang out during weekends and outside of work. For people who have good company at work – this can be a great motivating factor.

2. For some it’s the beginning of a new week, they are eager to leave all the hangover of the weekend behind and get back to normal life.

3. Some like Monday because it marks the beginning of the week – and only if they overcome Monday they will be able to reach Friday and consequently another weekend.

4. For those glued onto television, Monday brings a new episode of whatever TV serial they are hooked onto.

There are few more interesting things about Monday which is mentioned in my post here.

Hope you all have a good week ahead.

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