Leaving your baggage behind

baggageMost of us plan on starting something with the New Year, Moving to a new house, starting a new gym routine, joining some new class or any other thing. New Year also brings more opportunities to us in terms of jobs and various other things.

One of the key things for making a good start not just during New Year but any day involves leaving your baggage behind and moving on. Lot of us step into the new venture carrying lot of old, bad memories, grudges against people and other unwanted heavy weight stuff.

This New Year do something different. Do not carry your baggage along. Leave it behind and buy new bags – meaning make a fresh start. Carry all good things forward. Clear out your mind, clear out your space. You can start by clearing the clutter in your home and at work. Give away all unwanted clothes, books and other things that you rarely use. Organize your belongings.

So often we carry around burdens that we do not need to bear. Whether it’s past hurts, past failures, regrets, or concerns and worries about the future. Let go of them with a new sense of hope.

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