End of another wonderful year

20122012 was a wonderful year for me. Lot of things that I wanted in 2011 did not happen and I was very disappointed. But all of those things eventually did happen in 2012 – a bit late but as I always say – nothing happens before it is meant to happen.

With that in mind – do not be sad for all the failures or sufferings or pain that you had to go through this year. There is always a reason for everything and at the end it only makes you a better stronger person.

2012 was also the year when I published my first book. I am close to finishing my second book now. For every good thing that happened this year – cheers to that and for all the things that you couldn’t accomplish this year – there is always next year. I am sure you will have a better plan this time and will be much easier to accomplish whatever it is that you wanted.

That being said – enjoy this last day of the year. Cherish the memories and take all the best things with you to the coming year.

Happy New Year, keep reading, keep blogging and stay healthy!!

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