Is it possible to have nothing but still be happy?

happyI fail to understand how some people can be very happy in their life – even if they don’t have enough in terms of wealth, health or good luck. At the same time, I see lot of people with loads of wealth, loads of fortune and good luck but still sad or not satisfied with what life has to offer.

What is it that makes someone happy or sad? Happiness is relative – you cannot measure it. For a person who struggles to find enough food for him – getting one meal a day makes him happy. On the other hand not getting dessert for lunch can make someone sad.

Many people measure happiness by the amount of goods that they own or posses and not by the wonderful people that they have around them.  A big house or mansion doesn’t make a person happy, being with people whom you care about most – even if that means living in a small apartment is happiness.

The truth about happiness – lies within you. There is no such thing as complete happiness. You know what you want and making yourself believe that what you have at a particular time is what you need to be happy is the key.

One who understands this simple theory – achieves happiness, the others keep yearning for it until they find it or get tired of it.

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