Christmas Decorations

I like putting up Christmas decorations. Back when I was a kid, I used to be around my dad each year help him put ornaments in the Christmas tree. I saw a funny post on cnn today. There is this heavily decorated house – with lots of lights and Santa’s, snowman, reindeer etc around it and his neighbor next door just put a sign saying DITTO—> with lights pointing to his neighbor. Quite innovative actually.


My office holds cube decorating contest every year. People decorate their cubicles with lights, Christmas tree and other decorations. One person decorated it very well about 2 weeks back and it looked quite fascinating. We all thought he would win. But later, others saw him and decorated their cubes better than him. One person took it to a different level altogether. She converted her cube into a gingerbread house.


The contest is next week, I believe she will win but my personal favorite would be the first guy. Everybody else just decorated to make it better than him. There is no innovation, if you know what you are competing against. Regardless, I am sure this is all for fun and a good way for people to get out of their regular boring job and do something fun.

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