Car Chase

car_chaseIt took me more than an hour yesterday to get back home. I was just 2miles away. The road leading up to my house was heavily blocked because police were on the lookout for an armed group of robbers – whom they were chasing after they robbed a jewelry store some place away.

Anyway after my long tiring day, I couldn’t wait to get home and I was stuck in traffic. I dint know what was going on until I reached home and checked the news. I heard there was something going on in the university on the radio but not enough details were available at that time.

I understand it was an armed robber or a group of robbers that they were chasing but after causing so much pain to all the people around – is it really worth? The cops were obviously doing their duty but I wonder if there is a better way to do it. The college was locked up for more than 8hrs with students and staff stuck inside classes and libraries for several hours.

We all complain about the trouble we go through because of someone else. Yesterday sitting in my car waiting for the traffic to move – I might have cursed the cops like a million times but then I look back. They were just making sure we all are safe. I admire how small things are taken so seriously here. There are countries where robbery is not considered a crime – meaning, it is not serious enough to deploy police offers after it. They would do some basic search and let go of the case.

Looking at half a dozen helicopters flying over last night around the city looking for the robber, I felt secure. I like how much a person’s life is worth here. Many of us do not realize that and do not appreciate what we have; perhaps a visit to the Asian continent may help change your perspective.

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