What does success mean to you?

successSuccess has different meaning to everyone. All of us want to succeed in life in some way or the other – to feel accomplished, to get victory or perhaps be better than someone else.

It is easy to fall trapped into the success definition of others, of what others define as success. But is that what you really want?

For most people success is about money – about getting your ideal job, earning a fat pay check, owning a house in a posh neighborhood, having a fancy car, latest gadgets and smart phones etc.

For some success is about having a family – of having the perfect spouse, couple kids, a few pets etc.

For some it’s about fame – any kind of fame, not necessarily good fame.

But is that really what success is about? Does that mean people who do not earn six figure salaries or who do not own a house or who are single and not famous are unsuccessful in their life?

You could be single, living in a studio tutoring poor kid’s for free to help them get to better college and be successful. Success is not about owning something – it’s a feeling. Feeling of being accomplished. Success is not measured by what you have but by what you have achieved. There is not one definition of success. It varies person to person and it varies from time to time.

What may seem like success to you today may not be success to you tomorrow. I was having a casual chat with colleagues at work yesterday and one of them was saying how working for Google used to be a dream for many software engineers in their twenties. But now that he is in his thirties and has a family and kid – working in Google does not interest him anymore.

The point here is – things change, priorities change over time for the better. We need to accept it as we go and keep redefining what success means to us.

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