Life is a series of choices you make

choiceI was talking to a friend the other day – he was very frustrated with everything in his life. He told me that sometimes he feels why he has to go through all this. He did not want a life – any life. He did not ask for a life, then why does he have to go through the pain of living a life.

He had a point. Unfortunately none of us have a choice to have a life or not, we also do not have a choice on which family we are born into. This is something that is given to us. But everything else after that is a choice. Every decision we make is ours. We may have been influenced by people, family, friends, surroundings into making the choices that we made but it was entirely our decision.

Lot of people blame different things for their failures, for their situation but honestly – is it really someone else’s fault if you are in a bad situation today? No matter what the reason was for you to make your choice, it is still your decision.

For every small thing in our life we have a choice – to be good or to be bad, to take the longer route or to take the shorter route, to accept change and let go or to keep holding on. Instead of fretting today about how disgusting life is or how badly you want to get away from your life – your friends, family – may be it is time to take responsibility, to act up, to show ownership.

It is your life – like it or not and you have to live it irrespective of whether it is pleasant or not. Only thing that can help you make it better is to make the right choices as you go along and most important – accept the change. Do not hold on to old things – keep anticipating change and be ready to accept change and move on.

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