1st Blogoversary

My blog turns one today. It is a special day for me because this day a year ago I made a commitment to myself. A commitment to write a blog post every day. I used to write random blog posts earlier but last year this day I decided to do it on a daily basis.

I was looking for something that would make me complete, something that gave me happiness and I didn’t want to start something that I couldn’t continue for long. I wanted to do something that would make me satisfied and also provide me with a sense of accomplishment.

I am glad I was able to keep up what I committed. Even when I am sick or when I am out on vacation or when I have guests over, I continue writing my blogs. And there is only one thing that motivates me to do that – my readers.

I love this blog world – it helps me connect to people from all over the world and share ideas, learn new things, see different places, travel the world with them, everything without really knowing them, without dealing with how the person is or what he/she does for their living.

I love this world because you do not judge anyone here based on their looks or lifestyle, you know them for what they write and writing almost always describes your true self; it shows their interests, their passion and their commitment.

This post is a big thank you to all my readers and the fellow bloggers. Keep doing the good work – let’s expand this blog world into an even bigger and better world.

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