Listen to your signals

Sometime last year my cell phone broke into two pieces. I had dropped it couple of times earlier and it was about time. I was debating whether to buy a new phone or not but hadn’t made up mind until my phone broke and I had no choice.

My laptop is in the same state now. I know it is getting old and is wearing out. There are few problems here and there and I know it’s time to get a new one. But I am still waiting for the day for it to stop.

Most of the time life gives us signs. It tells us what we need to do. However we often choose to ignore it. Our body gives us signals when it needs attention – in the form of pain, aches and other symptoms. In the same way – life gives us signals too.

So what are these signals?

You are sad, unsatisfied with your job, worrying about a sick person, feeling the urge to run away, these are the signals. Signals sent by the brain to tell us that we need to take care. And by taking care – I do not mean taking care of those around us instead to take care of ourselves.

What happens when we fail to listen to it? Well eventually the battery dies – meaning eventually things go wrong. Do not wait for that moment, do not wait for your phone to break to buy a new phone, do not wait for your laptop to die before you buy a new one, do not wait for your car to stop in the middle of the road to fix its timing belt, do not wait for your life to be ruined before you start fixing it. Fix it today.

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