It is easy to be simple

Once in a while we come across people who are different. They make us realize that it is easy to be simple – it is easy to go in the right path, to not lie, to not cheat, and to not be corrupt.

A few years ago, I came across one such person. He was a professor in the IT department in my college. When I first saw him, I thought he was an intern helping out the professor. I later learnt that he was full time professor and was carrying out his research under the president of the country. (Wow how’s that for a resume).

For all that he was quite a humble person. Unlike most professors who drove around the campus in cars, he had a bicycle. He lived in a small staff quarter provided by the university and played basketball with the students in the evening.

Once his guide became the president – he was quite in a limelight. Lot of people wanted to interview and publish articles on him. He however stayed away from all that and maintained his humble self like how it was before. He did not let it affect him in anyway. When I asked him once how it feels to be working under the president and visiting him to the presidential house every few weeks, he replied it’s just the same.

He knew the president when he was just a scientist and it doesn’t change once he became the president. Of course the added security and hassle he has to go through to meet him is painful at times but other than that – it is still the same.

If there was anyone else at his position – I am sure they would have made use of this opportunity to get their 15 minutes of fame. They might make use of this fame and honor that people were showing on him and try to make shortcuts to make it big. It is amazing how this person was so down to earth. It is hard to find people like him and honestly – I have never met anyone so humble like he is.

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