The Kinda-Sorta logic

I like the term kinda-sorta, it is a polite way of saying no or for the more positive people – it gives the flexibility to account for the uncertainty that comes along with the question asked or solution that is proposed.

A lot of people also use this term to avoid answering question or making decisions or to get away from situations. For example – if you are out shopping with a friend and if your friend ask your opinion on something that they would like to buy – your kinda-sorta reply may sometimes put them off in the wrong direction. They may seem to think it is nice when it may not or they may not like that you aren’t interested in providing your opinion.

The drawback of using this term is because of its uncertainty. You are not entirely affirmative or negative about your answer. This puts the person at the receiving end to take it as a no when you might have been more inclined towards a yes but had some reservations about it. It is often a good idea to make your point clear instead of going the short route.

People often use that term in causal way. It would be nice however if we get the kinda-sorta allowance in real life too, in more serious situations. Say for example how nice it would be if there was a kinda-sorta rule around giving exams or going to work or paying your bills. A rule which allows us to be flexible in doing that as per our wish. It is too good to be true.

But life does give us a choice – not exactly like the kinda-sorta choice but a choice where we get to decide whether we do want to give exams, or if we do want to take up a job. Lot of you may not agree with it but it again brings us back to the same question about how much you believe in yourself.

Is taking exams, getting a job important for your living – probably yes but will you die if you don’t do that – of course not. You will always find an alternative. That is the choice that I am talking about. A choice that you need to make to tailor your kinda-sorta rule.

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