What makes a good TV show?

I do not own a TV, the last time I watched a TV show sitting on the couch was probably 12yrs ago at home. I do watch TV shows on the internet, not regularly but when I have some time. I finished watching FRIENDS about 2yrs back.

Whenever I hear about an interesting TV show, I make a note of it, research about it when I have time and then put it on my to-do list. I watch when the time comes; sometimes it takes me 5-6 or even 10yrs after the show ended to watch season one. I am watching Lost right now. A colleague of mine used to watch it regularly back in 2006.

There are some TV shows that make you laugh, some that make you enjoy, some that make you cry, some that make you want to watch them over and over again. There are some shows that you can relate to and some – even if you cannot relate to it directly – you relate yourself emotionally to the characters.

The makers of the show have a big task to do. They can make or break the plotline. Lost is kind of like that. It started out interesting but eventually it was losing the pace. The story deviated completely from where it started. However there was a huge fan base for the show. People kept watching it and liking it.

So what kept them liking it – although the story was lacking the essence? It is the characters. Some of the characters and their story was beautifully written and well done to the actors – they did portray them amazingly well. An actor has a lot to do – when it comes to movies or shows. He can change the whole perception of people watching it.

Back when I was young, there used to be a daily soap which my mom used to watch. It was quite popular back them, it used to air in the afternoon and was targeted mostly for women at home. It was a family story and one of the lead actors dies on the show. The women in the whole country reacted so much to it – that the producers were forced to bring back the character alive – making a story of him escaping the mishap.

That’s the power of the actor. He was not only able to catch the attention of the audience but was able to make them relate to him, so much that they couldn’t see him die.

I would want to be somebody like that. I suck at acting but what I really mean here is do something that people love you for. No matter what you are good at or what you like to do – pursue it and give your best – so much that people will remember you for your work years after you are gone.

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