Hoping for a miracle

We all like miracles. Something that we do not hope for and all of a sudden you find it happening. Every so often we find ourselves lost, depressed, deadlocked – having no way ahead to go. We lose hope, we fear for the worst – but then miracle happens.

I read a story about a person – who lost his wedding ring while he was getting things packed up before Hurricane Sandy hits. And soon after the downfall, he realized his ring was gone and by then it was too late for him to go out and look for it. After 2 days when the water subsided, he stepped out of his house and he found his ring right there outside the door. The winds had moved huge structures like boats, park benches, cars away but it did not move his ring. He had given up on the ring but he was still able to find it back.

Miracles are life’s way of telling us that there is still hope. It is a way of letting us know to have faith in ourselves, to assure us that it is not the end of the world and good things can still happen to us. It usually comes at a time when we least expect it and it makes the unexpected to happen.

Miracles are rare but that’s what makes it a miracle. It would lose its essence had it made itself available often. We all hope for little miracles to happen in our life – and in lives of those around us.

And although miracles are good – it can also mislead you to believe that things will always go right. Life doesn’t run that way – nothing does. The best thing to do is to be prepared for the worst and not depend on miracles, so that if it does happen, it comes as an added benefit for what you had already planned.

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