Do you believe in luck?

As humans we don’t like to accept failure by default. We like to put the blame for our failures to luck. We say that it’s not your lucky day or it wasn’t your lucky number or the color wasn’t good for you and so on.

The truth is – there is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. Luck, fate and destiny are words we use to make us feel better when things go wrong or when things go right. I do believe in one thing though – that nothing happens before it is meant to happen, no matter how much you try.

It is similar to the analogy where instead of one woman carrying a baby for 9 months you make 9 women carry a baby for 1 month and expect to deliver the baby out in a month. It is just not possible, even if you have the resources to do it. There is a time for everything – much beyond the realm of our understanding and things happen only according to that.

You may call me spiritual but I would call it being practical. Here is another example from my work: A typical software project manager likes to talk in terms of numbers and resources. So if there is a functionality that we need to implement and if we say it will take us 40hrs to do it with 1 resource (person) working on it, he immediately says I will give you 3 resource – do it in 2 days. Well mathematically it sounds just right but functionally that’s not right.

What he fails to understand is that not everything can start parallel; there can be things which depend on other things to be completed before it can be started.

The best thing to do is treat every failure as an opportunity to learn something new. Imagine the person who has never failed. He has missed out on learning so many things. So next time something doesn’t happen according to your plan – do not feel sad about it. Just think of it as an opportunity to try again in a much better way, I am sure success is right around the corner. It is just the matter a time till you achieve it.

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