Mars Vs. Venus

Long time back I read this book – Men are from mars, women are from Venus. It used to be a popular book amongst college students those days especially girls. Although I found it a little boring midway, there is one thing that is probably the base for most other parts of the book.

Men and women process information differently, men mostly process information by mind, women through heart. When a woman is sad, depressed or worried, she needs comfort, men on the other hand needs solution.

This causes problems when you do not know what the other is looking for. Men almost every time tends to resolve the problem that women has, provides possible solutions to her, because he feels that will make her happy. Women on the other hand mostly know the solution but all she wanted was some love, comfort and security.

When she speaks to her girlfriends – they empathize with her, give her assurance that it will be alright and that she will figure a way out. Men on the other hand do not like to talk about problems. They like to deal with it themselves.

It is not just with men and women, two people can be very different from each other. They can see and do things very differently than the other. If you give a paper and pen to 5 people in a room and ask them to write something on it, you will get back 5 different results. This proves how different each person is even with small things.

Judging the person by your own rules can only make things worse. Learn to accept the differences, for all you know, it might help you learn something new after all.

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