I never watch a movie without knowing the climax

I do not like surprises and that’s probably why I never watch a movie before I read its review, storyline and climax. When I read a novel, I read the last chapter first and then start with the first. I haven’t watched TV much in my life but when I have time, I like to catch up on some shows that were popular like – Friends, Full House, Lost, Big Bang Theory etc. As a result, I start watching them years after they piloted.

And no points for guessing, I read through the plot summary of all the episodes first before watching the episode. I have started watching Lost now. I just finished watching season 1. Lost is a different and interesting series, there is thrill and suspense which I cannot handle. So after watching the season 1 finale, I sat today and spent an hour reading through the season 2 storyline, episode wise. Now I am all set to start with season 2.

Thanks to internet – I can find all this information easily now. I don’t know the reason for this behavior of mine but it is related to me not liking surprises. I like to know things beforehand, to plan ahead.

It’s probably because – I do not want anything that I do, to go wrong. So I make sure I do enough research about everything. Does that mean things don’t go wrong with me? Hell no. In fact if anything has to go wrong, it will definitely go wrong with me. That is probably why I like to know the outcome beforehand. It is strange but I like it this way.

I am sure we all have some strange qualities that we do not know why – this is mine.

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