What happens after heist?

I read an interesting piece of news today about a robbery in a Dutch museum where the thief made off with paintings by Picasso, Monet and few other famous people worth more than 10 million dollars.

I am sure we hear about robbery every day and I generally never pay attention to it but this caught my attention because of the commodity involved. I wonder what the thief will do with it. He won’t be able to sell it as he will be caught when he tries to do so. I am sure he probably has a customer already but even then won’t the customer be in trouble when he tries to sell or display it.

Apparently most of the heist – art, diamond or money are never found. The only way for a closure is when they get back the stuff almost immediately; otherwise it remains a mystery forever.

Heists are not simple robbery; they are the result of careful planning and execution into high profile secured area to rob stuff worth lot of money. It makes me wonder after all the pain one goes through to execute a robbery, what happens to it after all?

A few months ago – someone broke into my parents’ house while they were away on a vacation. After my parents returned back, they found lot of things littered inside every room of the house but nothing was gone. The robber never took anything which makes us wonder why he came in the first place. What was his motive – especially after all the pain and risk the robber took to break in and then left without taking anything?

Was he looking for something specific? Was he running out of time? Did he not find what he wanted? Did someone scare him out? I have no answers. The only good thing about it is that we are more alert now – we make ourselves better prepared for anything that might happen again.

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