Taking responsibility for your actions

My code is going to production tomorrow and I found out today that a lot of changes that I had made over the last 2 months were overridden by someone else’s change that came in a week earlier. This happens quite often but this time the changes that got overridden were more than usual. There was lot of chaos at work and as usual instead of fixing it people were busy pointing fingers.

Almost half of my day got ruined trying to fix things and I realized how hard it is for some people to own their mistakes. Code merges is quite common during software development process but this time, the merge was not done right and instead of owning it up people were making excuses. The person doing the merge was stoic.

I have always been taught from my childhood to take responsibility for whatever I do. Even if it is something bad. People make mistakes, no one is perfect. You are not going to lose your job for that. But not owning up will only make things worse.

I remember when I was a small kid – my brother and I were playing table tennis on top of a glass table with a steel tumbler instead of a tennis ball. Needless to say – the tumbler hit and fell on the table and broke the new glass table that my dad had got just weeks ago. I was too terrified to tell my dad about it. My brother and I had covered the broken spot with a table mat but once he got back from work, we couldn’t hide it for long. I finally told him hoping to get a lot of scolding from him in return. But he never did. He just said its okay. Eventually my brother and I saved up all our pocket money and gave it to dad to replace the glass.

This small incident taught me to be responsible for my actions. To own things up whether good or bad. And never to blame others. Sometimes we just worry too much. We fear that others won’t accept us for our mistakes. That is not always true. Everyone likes to hear the truth, in fact it might make things worse if you lie or hide things from others. So do not fear for owning up for your mistakes or taking responsibility for your actions.




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