I like to be the person doing the work behind the scenes

A lot of time, my boss tells me I need to talk more; I need to show that I am doing a lot of work. I just smile and pass by. I am mostly known as the person doing the work behind the scenes. There are lot of times when I help my colleagues with their work either when they are running out of time or have too much on their plate or when they just need some help and in almost all cases I do it discreetly, primarily because I do not want my colleague to get in trouble.

I do not like to broadcast my work, I do not like to show off, and I do not like getting attention. I believe that if you do your work right then people who need to know will know. And almost all the time they do end up knowing and if the person whom you helped is a good person, he/she will make sure that they let the boss know that you helped them.

I know some may argue that in this competitive world, you cannot be like that. You cannot be so naive thinking that your work will automatically be propagated up to others. And I agree with it. In fact I have been in situations where my manager once told me that no one in the team knows about all the good work I am doing – I simply told him, it’s not my job to convince others, my job is to convince you and I think you are pretty convinced about what I am doing. If you have to constantly prove to someone about what you are doing, then you are at the wrong place.

Coming back to being the person who works behind the scenes. It gives me lot of happiness. It’s like being a Santa Claus who helps others. Not just at work but in various other places. Like making an anonymous donation or helping someone unknown in your small unique ways. Basically anything that you do to help others but not boasting about it to others. Try it if you have never done that – the feeling is amazing!!! 🙂




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