If you have to choose between happiness and misery what would you choose?

This sounds like a fairly straightforward question and as much as you would like to say that you would always choose happiness, it is not true. A large number of people do not choose it. Because if that was true, there wouldn’t be so many people out there who are not happy. Life provides us with choices almost every day at various points of our life. It is we who choose to live in misery.

Let me give you an example – If someone gives you 2 tickets for a fully paid vacation to Hawaii today, the only catch being, you need to accept the offer within 5 min and the vacation starts right away – how many people would say yes? I am guessing no one. They will think about how to apply for vacation, how to convince their spouse, what to do with their pet and so on before they can actually think about a vacation.

Why is choosing happiness so hard for us? Why do we think so much before deciding to be happy?

I recently saw a movie about an autistic girl and a deaf-mute guy. They fall in love and life happily ever after. I know it’s just a movie but there is a deep message. Another part of the storyline has a normal girl who falls for the deaf-mute guy too but she chose not to be with him because she felt that marrying a person who could speak and who has job and money will be a better choice. Turns out she ended up not being happy and as much as she wanted to rewind what she had done, she couldn’t.

Life doesn’t give you second chances – well not all the time. When we have choices in front of us, we do not go to the happy path right away. We like to make things complicated. We try to calculate. We weigh in the long term benefits without even realizing if we would live long term to reap the benefits. We think more in terms of future than the present.

Choose to be happy, see the bright side of everything. Even if you are having a bad day – it is not the worst thing that can happen to you. There are people out there fighting war every day, trying to protect the rest of us, think about them. Whom will he get mad at? Coming back home alive is a good day for him – at least you do not have to deal with that fear. Make the most of every moment you have and most important, choose to be happy. It’s not too difficult.




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