Religious Freedom

I have been debating for a long time if I should write about this topic or not especially because it is a sensitive topic and often test the sentiments of a large number of people. Nevertheless I thought I should give it a try today.

I am always sad whenever I hear about crimes which are based out of religious sentiments. Just this past week, the whole world witnessed crimes against US nationals in various countries by Muslim activists.

I personally believe in religion and its values and it hurts to see people fighting in the name of religion. Every religion comes from a base of scriptures and religious figures who are known because they did something good.

There are always people who research on everything around us starting from the evolution of human being to the evolution of the universe to every other thing they can get hold off. That’s what most scientists and researchers do. They take a person’s finding and try to prove it wrong. No offense, it’s their job and that is how we evolve new things. Remember the time when earth was said to be flat and then it was proved to be round later.

Change is good and when things change there are a lot of people who absorb it while there are some who find it hard to absorb. Like for example the internet. Everyone in today’s generation can’t live without it but if you take a step backward – to our grandparent’s generation I am sure they hesitate to use it. People find it hard to accept change but eventually they do.

However when it comes to religion, it is a little bit different. I know a lot of non believers who make fun of religious people all the time. I myself question the authenticity of a lot of things in my own religion and do not agree with some of their principles. But what keeps me going on is the fact that almost all of these religions go back to a hundred or thousand years and we have heard of many legends about people travelling across the globe and perhaps even give their lives to propagate the word.

Surely if people like Jesus or Prophet or Ram or Buddha or any other religious leaders were not good people – then followers of these men wouldn’t have gone through the pain of giving their lives trying to preach what they taught them?

I would like to tell all the people who believe in religion – any religion, you know what you believe and your belief cannot be changed based on what one person thinks or what a book says or a video or a movie shows or what a particular group of people think. It is also important to realize that faith doesn’t come overnight. What you believe in has been built up for years and one stupid person’s action cannot change your perception about the religion.

So all these anti social activities which people do in the name of religion really doesn’t have anything to do with religion. I am sure a true believer knows what he is following and no matter how much others try to sabotage their image; it is not going to affect his belief or his principles. The problem makers are not the religious followers – as most religion proclaim for peace, it is people who have ulterior political motives who create such problems in the name of religion and play with the lives of innocent people. The sooner people understand it the better.

Hoping for a peace in the world!!!!




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