When do you call yourself old?

I felt like I was old when I turned 20. I remember when I turned 13 my cousin’s who were about 6-7yrs older than me advised to enjoy my teen ages most. I didn’t quite pay attention to what they said and before I could realize I was turning 20. I looked back and thought to myself that I really dint do anything.

I was a nerd most of my life in school as well as in college. Having fun was not part of my agenda. I started working when I was 21. As I turned 25, I noticed a few of my friends getting married (another indication that I was growing old). I am not yet 30 but I still feel unaccomplished. I still have a big list of things to do; I keep adding new things to it daily.

Luckily the place where I work, I am the youngest. I often hear my coworkers teasing each other about getting old. My dad just crossed 60 a few months back. But he still feels he is young. He wants to do things like a 30yr old and I believe that is a good spirit.

I hear a lot of people in their 30’s saying they are getting old, life is over, talking about family and kids all the time, mid life crisis etc. Never do they talk about enjoying life, staying young.

It’s never too late to be young, to fulfill what you wanted as a child. Age is just a number, it doesn’t make you old in anyway. What you consider as old, may be young for someone else. Do not let the days pass by without doing anything, each day in your life is precious and a day once gone doesn’t come back again. Treasure every moment of it.




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