Money talk

I always get uncomfortable when I have to talk about money. Even if that means asking someone for the money which they owe me. I know some people who are good at it.

There was this bargain market that I went to with my friend and I was so surprised how she bargained with the retailers for the goods. She indeed helped in getting a good deal. If I had gone there alone, I would not have asked to reduce even a single penny.

Even when I get a free gift or a discount coupon that I need to redeem in a shop, I find it awkward to go to the shop and claim it. If it is a good offer that I can’t resist, I will make sure I buy something for the same value before redeeming the offer.

Same goes for job offers. Many people find it hard negotiating for a salary. Specially if one has been earning very less earlier and is hoping to move to a place where cost of living is high. One of the main reason people change jobs is to get a higher salary, however it still becomes hard to explain why you need more.

The other day I went to a grocery shop. On coming back home, I noticed that I was charged twice for the same item. At first I thought I will ignore it. But my friend insisted to go and ask for it next time. Why pay the extra amount. After all it’s your hard earned money.

Another such instance is at work. A bunch of folks in my office play lottery by collecting a few dollars from each person, hoping to split the money if they win something big. They do that every week. Honestly, I am not the luckiest person when it comes to getting free stuff and lottery is a big no. But still I feel awkward saying no to them when they come at my desk and ask for it.

The list is endless. But I learnt one thing. If you do not like it, say it. It is better to say it once and feel bad for sometime rather than paying the price for it forever. Ask and you shall receive – we have heard this quote many times. Now is the time to make use of it.




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