200 Post

It just seems like yesterday that I wrote my 100th post. Time really flies. I can’t believe it’s been so long. Only 60 more posts and I will be completing my one year anniversary. I won’t focus on my favorite posts here since I already did that before, instead I would focus on what helped me achieve this:

1. Discipline: One of the key things that helped me write daily was because I was disciplined. It took me a while to come up with a proper schedule and once that was in place, I made sure I don’t miss it. I never go to bed without writing my posts for the next day, even if I am sick, or if I am travelling, or if I have guests at home. I just won’t miss it  – even if that means staying up until 1am.

2. Assign a time to write your blog everyday: I usually start ideating for my blog during my lunch hrs or post lunch hrs when I need to get a break during work. I found this as a useful activity rather than gossiping or any other means of wasting time. Ideally I would like to blog early in the morning but unfortunately I do not have time in the mornings.

3. Do not procrastinate: I found that since I am on PST time zone, by the time my post was published it would be next day for the rest of the world. Some of my time sensitive posts like the ones would appear the next day for most of the people. Hence I decided to write posts a day early and auto publish it the next day early morning PST.

4. Read as much as you can: Reading inspires you to write, read what others write, specially the successful authors.

5. Do not worry about stats: A lot of people write to get views. Honestly do not worry about stats. Write with your heart, write well. If you feel satisfied reading what you wrote that is enough.

Lastly enjoy writing it. Do not make it like a project deadline. The more you love, the more time you will devote for it.

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