Do you like surprises?

Do I like surprises? Well if I am NOT on the receiving end then yes, I do like to surprise people a lot but I do not like being surprised. I am notoriously known in my family for surprising. Back when I was in college, I used to surprise my parents by visiting them for Christmas without informing them. My college was pretty far away from where my parents used to live and it would take about 24 hrs. to reach there, so it is kind of hard for my parents to imagine that I would come there without letting them know. They would be all sad for being alone during Christmas and then I would be at their door just like Santa Claus.

I still surprise them in my small, unique ways. Be it sending gifts or videos or writing about them, there is something new that always happens. I do that to my friends and colleagues too. What makes me do it? Well it’s the look on someone’s face when you tell them that you can’t make it but then you make it in a much bigger better way, answers all of it.

On the contrary, I do not like being surprised and most of the attempts made by people to surprise me have failed. It’s probably because I am quite inquisitive and little bit of a mind reader that I come to know when people plan something behind my back. A lot of times, my friends tried hosting birthday party for me without letting me know hoping that it would surprise me, but somehow I would know about it. After sometime my roommates got fed up and asked me to act surprised 🙂

Another reason why I don’t like surprises is because I like to be prepared all the time. Most of the time I make sure I plan everything ahead and when I plan something be it a road trip, party, vacation, dinner or anything there is always a plan B and probably a plan C. I just do not want things to go wrong. Planning comes naturally to me, I enjoy making plans. I feel that I turn obsessive compulsive (OCD) when it comes to planning.

That being said today is my mom’s birthday and I am sure she would have expected me to write something about her in my blog today as I did for my dad and brother on their birthday. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if she is already expecting it, so this time instead of writing about her; I have a different surprise planned for her. Hope she likes it. 🙂




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