Life is a mess; it gets messier as you grow

Whoever said, life gets better as you grow is wrong. Either that or he probably had a broad outlook about life. Nothing ever gets better. As life progresses, problems increases too and as you start your journey of solving one problem after another, we realize that it never gets better.

The only thing that changes is the way we look at things. What seems like a huge problem at the age of 10 will become part of normal life at 15 and what seems big at 15 becomes small at 20 and so on. We get used to problems and treat it as normal until we come across something bigger or different than the previous one.

When I was in school wanting to get good grades was a problem for me. As you grow the list gets longer – dealing with bullies, relationships, people, teachers, horrible bosses, spouse, economy, job, inflation, loans, etc. it is a never ending list. There is a lot to deal with.

There are lot of people with young kid’s at my workplace and they often tell me about their experience of bringing up their children. At first they feel that bringing up a new born is difficult and once the kid grows up, it will be alright. But once the kid grows up, there is a new set of problems. With sibling rivalry to teenage crisis, it never stops.

Another colleague told me the other day that his 2yr old daughter doesn’t eat properly. They have a hard time trying to make her eat. I replied him back saying – I am almost nearing 30 and my parents still feel that I don’t eat well. It never gets better. If anything does change, it is the way we look at it.

Sometimes I am so engrossed trying to deal with my mess as well as others mess that when there is no problem, I feel something is wrong. Normal life doesn’t seem normal anymore. If all is well, I feel like I am missing something. I guess that is life’s way of making us grow. It gives us problems to deal with in installments and as we fix one problem after the another, we grow older and wiser.

I am from a software industry – so I like to compare it with the software world. Most of the software industry survives on bug fixes. They bring one product out give it to the customers to use. Once they start using it – customers report bugs and we keep fixing and enhancing it. The day the customer doesn’t report any bug or is fully satisfied with the product (trust me this never happens), we all will have to shut the company down.

Life is the same too. It will become too boring if there is nothing for us to solve. Problems and challenges are life’s way of making us learn to deal with things. So next time you have a problem, do not stress about it, instead consider it as an opportunity to learn something new.




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