Listen to others

There is a common saying that – “it is very difficult for great men to be accepted in their own hometown.” Take for example Jesus Christ. He was great preacher. He preached lots of nice principles but he was killed by his own men.

I am the youngest in my family and I often find it difficult to convince others that I can be right. I agree that older people have better knowledge and experience but there can be situations when younger people can be wise too.

The same happens in other aspects of life too. The other day my dad was telling me about his village in his hometown. Back then people in his village were fishermen. They used to do fishing for their living as nothing else was feasible based on their geographic location. As time progressed and the younger generation got educated and started learning new things, they did not want to continue fishing. Instead they wanted to do something else. But they couldn’t think of doing that in their own village because it won’t be acceptable to others. As a result, the young generation moves out to a different village or perhaps bigger cities and does something else.

We sometimes do that in our lives too. What if your maid’s son has grown up to become a doctor and for some reason you need to go to him for consultation? Some people will find it hard to accept.

Most of us develop a predefined image in our brain about people in our daily life that prevents us from accepting them as superior to us. It is also because of our ego. Ego plays a big role in this. It doesn’t let you accept others.

If you find yourself arguing a lot with people around you or if you find it hard to accept your mistake or accept the fact that sometimes you can be wrong, then you are probably one of those people mentioned above. Keeping an open mind is very important in life. It lets you learn new things, makes ways for positive energy to come in and probably change your outlook about life. Think about it.




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