Learning to ignore

Although I do not find Facebook informative at all but sometimes I do bump into some random quotations from my friends that inspire me.

I read this today on a friends Facebook post and it immediately caught my attention. The quote is very simple but there is great depth of meaning in it.

Here is how it goes:

 Many of us face situations in life that sometimes leaves us hurt. Sometimes it’s because of the actions of someone close to us like family or friends, sometimes it’s our colleagues and sometimes it could be someone you don’t like (I do not like to call anyone enemy).

When things don’t happen the way you wanted and someone is responsible for it, the first thing that comes to your mind is to get back at them or at least plan on taking revenge.

The quote above defines three kinds of people and what they do when faced with such a situation. One takes revenge, one forgives and one ignores. I would be lying if I say that I fall in the third category, although I try my best to be in that category. Depending on the situation most of us fall in any of the three categories and probably falling in the weaker category more often than the intelligent one.

A lot of people falling in the weaker category are driven by ego. At first taking revenge might seem like the better option and it may even give you temporary happiness. But doing what the intelligent do will make you satisfied. It will make your life stress free. Revenge comes with a lot of stress as well as counter actions. Instead of focusing on that, it would probably be a good idea to ignore what has happened and focus on making things right for you rather than making things wrong for others.

After reading this quotation I am definitely going to think twice before reacting and I hope this inspires you do the same too.

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