What I learned from my brother

It’s my brother’s birthday today and although I thought I wouldn’t learn anything from him, I must admit that he did teach me a lot of things. We kind of had a love-hate relationship growing up but after high school we grew closer. Through his small and unique behaviors, he taught me some very simple things in life that we often fail to realize. Here are a few of them:

1. To love abundantly
He is one of those who think with heart rather than mind. In today’s calculative world, I feel it is hard to find people who actually love people, hoping to get absolutely nothing in return.

2. To be carefree
He spent most of his life doing things he liked. He was a talented singer and most of his school days were spent participating in singing contest. He hated studies and did not spend much time worrying about the future. He did manage to make a decent living doing what he likes, unlike me who was always into books and missed out on enjoying most of my childhood. He taught me to enjoy life and work at the same time.

3. To spend
Although he did not make a huge fortune, he likes to spend on himself as well as for others. I am a little hesitant when it comes to spending money, it’s just my nature. I may not call myself a miser but I do hesitate when I have to spend money especially if it’s for me. I like to spend it for others though. As a result I am often sad or end up not feeling satisfied. He taught me that it’s okay to sometimes pamper yourself and spend the money that you earned. What’s the use of working hard and earning money when you cannot reap the benefits out of it?

He did not teach anything big. You do not have to be a preacher or philosopher to know all these. But still sometimes we are blinded by various things that happen in our life. My brother helped me realize all these small things that are important for one to be happy and in a way he is responsible what for I am today. Thanks Bro!!! Wish you a very Happy Birthday.




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