Trivia about history of women in Olympics

I like to provide sufficient data and facts when I talk to others no matter what the discussion is. I don’t know if it because I am a perfectionist or because I am partially Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) or because I do not want to speak before I am 100% sure and have the data to back up my facts or is it just my fascination to statistics.

Back in college, statistics was one of my favorite subjects. I was one of those students who will sit on the first bench and solve the problems before the rest of the class does and then shout the answer out loud (I know I was a big nerd back then :P). Whenever there is something new, I Google every little detail about it and present it with statistics.

The other day I was researching about women in Olympics and here is what I found. Some of them are quite interesting.

1. In the Ancient Olympic Games, women were forbidden to take part. Married women were forbidden to even enter the competition areas as spectators.

2. Women did not take part in the Games since the game was revived in 1896 until 1900 in Paris .

3. It was here that Britain’s Charlotte Cooper became the first female gold medalist in the tennis singles competition. Only one other sport saw women’s participation in 1900, golf.

4. Women competed in swimming events for the first time in 1912, but none of them were from America, which did not allow its female athletes to compete in events without long skirts.

5. In 1928 the collapse of several runners at the end of the 800m saw the race declared dangerous for women and banned until 1960.

6. There are only two Olympic sports where men and women compete directly against each other; equestrian and sailing, though in sailing it is only now one event. Tennis (since 2012) and Badminton (since 1996) have mixed doubles events.

7. Qatar, Brunei and Saudi Arabic all sent female participants to the London 2012 Olympic Games, meaning now every national Olympic committee will have sent women to the Olympic Games.

There are many more facts as like 45% of US Olympic team is women, and when each sport got included for women with each year. With each year there is something new being introduced. Changes are good and anything done to promote more sportsmanship among women is great.




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