How to apologize?

There are many things in life that we do which we are not proud of. Some of those things might have caused harm to someone or hurt others feelings. Although it might not have been intentional but still there are times when ones words or actions can cause distress to others.

In some cases we might not even realize that we are hurting someone, sometimes we know but we ignore and sometimes there is just too much misunderstanding that we fail to figure things out and in some cases there is ego.

A lot of things happen because of ego. I had written a post earlier on how to let go off your ego. I wouldn’t discuss on how to overcome your ego again, you can read my earlier blog post for it. What I would discuss today is how to apologize.

People fail to understand that a lot of things can be resolved just by a simple apology. Even if it is not your fault, just by simply acknowledging that there was miscommunication or confusion of some sort which led to the problem or that you were equally responsible for it, things get a lot easier.

A long time back, there was a huge misunderstanding between me and a few other people close to me. One thing led to another and before I knew it, nobody was talking to each other anymore. It was years before I decided to make a move. Although I had moved on, I still felt empty not being able to be in touch with those who are close to me. I decided to write to them and instantly they replied back. We didn’t discuss much on why things went wrong instead we discussed on the future. We discussed the good things rather than the bad.

An apology doesn’t have to be big. It can be a small letter, an email, a phone call, a gift or even a smile. Depending on the person and the context the way you apologize changes. The person on the receiving doesn’t look for a gift or a big letter, all he wants is an effort from your end. And if you do it when they least expect it, that leads into a bigger surprise for them. Do not forget, the people that we fight with most are the people that we love the most.




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